Student Fellowship Opportunity: Agricultural Research Institute-HSI Fellowships

March 23, 2023

Agricultural Research Institute - Hispanic Serving Institutions Fellows Program

Funding Range: $6,400 for undergraduates; $10,800 for graduate students

Deadlines: See Engagement Hub link below.

The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) exemplifies the mission of the California State University system by working for California and its citizens through partnerships across the agricultural industry and beyond. Through the colleges of agriculture on four CSU campuses and allied disciplines across the CSU, the ARI conducts applied research to ensure the sustainability of California agriculture.

About: The Agricultural Research Institute’s Hispanic Serving Institutions (ARI-HSI) Fellows Program is currently recruiting student fellows. The program is meant to increase diversity in academia and the workforce. Students traditionally underrepresented in science, especially Hispanic students, are strongly encouraged to apply. Fellowship amounts range from $6,400 for undergraduates and $10,800 for graduate students. Each fellow will work with a mentor on a research or professional project.

ARI fellowships currently include the following: Environmental Defense Fund Fellowships, Public Policy Fellowships, Data-Intensive Fellowships, Science Fellowships, and Science Communication Fellowships 

The ARI will be hosting a series of informational webinars to provide an overview of the program and its opportunities. Information on dates and times can be found here.

Apply: Please see ARI’s Engagement Hub to view individual fellowship deadlines, descriptions, and to apply.

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