Spring Promotorx Transformative Educators Recruitment

December 18, 2019

The DHSI: Education team is in the process of recruiting for the Spring semester of our Promotorx Transformative Educator Program (PTEP). The PTEP program is a program that allows current HSU students to explore teaching through a grassroots education approach--students will learn about transformative education and non-dominanat pedagogies while being given the option to work on one of these two project options:

- Creating an Action Research Project that is centered around reimagining education, social justice and equity.

- Studying for and taking the CSET/CBEST exams for students that are pursuing their credential.

Particpants who complete their full 40 hours during the semester (by being present for each session meeting) will recieve a stipend that will be attached to their financial aid package. We have a limited number of spots open for Spring and would love to have you participate. This is a very beneficial program and we hope to see some new faces!

Email Corrina Wells (cmw79@humboldt.edu) for questions and visit our PTEP website to apply! The first review of applications is December 27th. 

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