Spring 2019 Online Student Course Evaluations begin April 29-May 12

April 22, 2019

CNRS Faculty ~

Online student course and laboratory evaluations begin Monday, April 29 and run through Sunday, May 12. I ask that you please make an announcement in class to let your students know.

· April 29: Student receives online course evaluation. Cycle remains open for 2             full weeks.

· May 3: Student receives first reminder with additional reminders every 4 days

             until evaluation is completed.

· May 6: Instructor receives reminder if response rate is less than 90%.

· May 12: Online course evaluation cycle closes at 11:59PM.

If you are interested in knowing which courses are being evaluated or are concerned that a course evaluation has not been prepared, please contact me at jlt7002@humboldt.edu. If you would like to know your response rate at any time during the two-week cycle, you may contact me directly for this information as well.

Course evaluation results will be available once grades are posted and we receive final approval from the Office of Registrar, but no earlier than May 23.

Best Practice for Encouraging Participation in Course Evaluations

  • Make announcement(s) including reminders in class during the two week evaluation period.

  • Ask your colleague to be present while students take online evaluation (instructor should not be  present).

  • Stress the importance of constructive, professional feedback.

  • Allow time during the class period for students to complete the course evaluation on an electronic device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). If the student does not have an electronic device, please allow them to leave class and go to a computer lab to complete the evaluation.

For more detailed information about the course evaluation process, go to https://cebs.humboldt.edu/cebs-home.


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