Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Program (RSCA) AY 17/18

August 21, 2017

Chancellor White has approved the research, scholarly and creative activities (RSCA) award program for faculty for the 2017-2018 academic year. Allocations were based on reported Fall 2016 full-time equivalent faculty with the goal of supporting research, scholarly, and creative activity.

All members of Unit 3 - Faculty, Librarians, Coaches, and Counselors are eligible to compete for funding from this program. Projects may include support for research studies; writing scholarly papers, textbooks, or monographs; travel to archives or professional conferences; development of pilot studies; collection of preliminary data for grant proposals; recitals, performances, or exhibitions; and participation in clinical or professional workshops, etc.

RSCA awards are intended as one-time grants, not as a sole or continuing source of support for a particular line of professional activity. Higher priority will be given to individuals who have not received RSCA funding in the past three years; to probationary, tenure track faculty at critical stages of their careers, during which research support is essential; and to tenured faculty with a new project or an on-going project ready to extend into a significant and distinct new area. In addition, inclusion of student(s) in the proposal will be given high priority in the decision process.

RSCA funds may not be used for assigned time/buy-out of faculty teaching.

Proposals should be submitted by sole principal investigators to fund projects in the amount of $3000-$5000 total. Proposals are due by Friday Oct. 6th by 5:30 pm and must be submitted through InfoReady.

Please note that all RSCA grant funds awarded are Office of Research, Economic and Community Development (ORECD) funds and awardees are responsible to ensure that funds are spent by June 30, 2018. Funds not expended by this date are forfeited and returned to ORECD.


  • Internal Submission Deadline: Friday, October 6, 2017
  • Award Cycle: Academic Year 17-18
  • Discipline/Subject Area: All
  • Funding Available: 56,281
  • Funding Proposal Levels: HSU has been awarded $56,281 for RSCA allocation in this fiscal year. Proposals should be submitted by sole principal investigators to fund projects in the amount of $3000-$5000 total.
  • Reporting requirements: A final report (submitted through InfoReady) providing all data required must be submitted by July 31, 2018. RSCA award recipients who fail to submit a report will not be eligible to apply for future funding.


To Apply Visit: