Request Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback

March 4, 2019

Dear Faculty,


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is very excited to invite you to participate in the Spring Mid-Semester Feedback (MSF) Program.  This valuable opportunity solicits anonymous feedback from students and faculty about their course experience at or around mid-semester. The student feedback process provides opportunity for positive changes that support students' learning.  This incredible discovery process has been shown to improve teaching and student learning, as well as improve higher overall evaluations at end of term (Cohen, 1980; Murray, 2007).

The MSF process includes trained HSU graduate students who meet with the instructor to discuss the course and set-up a time to facilitate the student conversations. The graduate students facilitate student feedback groups (~20-30 minutes of class time) and provide a detailed report of the anonymous feedback to the instructor. As a follow-up, faculty can set up a consultation with the CTL to discuss resources and strategies for desired course changes. At the end of the semester, the graduate student facilitator will return to your class (5-10 minutes) and conduct the "Last Class Interview" to discuss selected MSF outcomes with the entire class and obtain additional student feedback to close the loop in the process.

Participation in MSF is confidential and not associated with the evaluation of teaching effectiveness.

To have a Mid-Semester Feedback performed, please email or call the CTL and provide your name, department, course name, total student enrollment, days/times course meets, and preferred time(s) for an MSF facilitator to come to your class. • 707.826.4461


Cohen, P.A. (1980). Effectiveness of student-rating feedback for improving college instruction: A meta-analysis of findings. Research in Higher Education, 13(4), 321-341.

Murray, H. G. (2007). Low-inference teaching behaviors and college teaching effectiveness: Recent developments and controversies. In R. P. Perry & J. C. Smart (Eds.), The scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education: An evidence-based perspective (pp. 145-200). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

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