REMINDER: CSU Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) Grants for 24/25

October 11, 2023

ARI System, Campus, and Seed Funding Opportunities for 2024 / 2025 deadlines are approaching!

Campus Grant Institutional Routing Deadline: Thursday, November 2, 2023

Funding Amount: Up to $150,000

Campus grants must begin routing by Thursday, November 2nd to meet the Internal submission deadline of November 9th.


Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) funds are available to all tenured, tenure-track faculty, or research associates engaging in agricultural research. ARI projects must have a strong link to agriculture, including forestry and aquaculture. Projects must be focused on applied research with strong industry collaboration and a goal to positively impact California agriculture, natural resources and food systems.

The match requirement is 100% of the requested amount with at least 25% of this from cash and the remainder in-kind. Note that the cash match simply means that you may leverage an existing grant or contract (excluding grants supported from the CSU general fund) with funds not already committed to match associated with your ARI Proposal. As such, ARI proposals may be used to augment the activities associated with an existing grant (e.g., NSF, USDA, etc).

*Please note - SPF is requiring all ARI proposals to be Institutionally Routed before PI’s submit via InfoReady which can be accessed through Humboldt Engagement Hub. The internal deadline to start your Institutional Routing is no later than November 2, 2023. Also note that complete submissions require two types of letters: (1) Support letters from industry, and (2) at least one reference letter. See more details on each below. Please reach out to your Pre-Award Specialist asap to coordinate both the routing and submission via InfoReady.

Reference letters: must be written by an expert in the field of study of the respective proposal (e.g. if the proposal is about diseases in oak trees, then the person writing the letter should be a plant physiologist, or a silviculturist, or a disease ecologist, or similar), who can comment on the scientific merit and methodological soundness of the proposed project. The proposed scientific approach and methodology are reviewed and actively evaluated within the letter. Reference letters are usually written by a colleague who understands the field of study well, and might collaborate on other projects. Collaborators on the proposed ARI project are not eligible to write a reference letter.

Support letters from industry: support letters should be included from anyone whose support is necessary for the success of the project. For example, if your project will take place on private land, you’ll want to include a letter from the landowner indicating support for the project and access to the land. If your project includes unpaid collaborators, you will want to include letters of support indicating the support they are willing to provide to the project.


APPLY: For assistance with completing the application please contact one of our Pre-Award Specialists: Pia Gabriel at, Kaz Wegmuller at, or Jocelyne Takatsuno at

Note: System Pre-Proposal Applications - a separate competition requiring collaborative proposals including more than one CSU - are due Friday, November 10, 2023, 5:00 p.m. PT.. Selected applications will submit full proposals in February. The only requirement for System Pre-Proposals is an up to five page application. Contact your pre-award specialist for more information.

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