Ombudsperson Announcement

May 14, 2019

Open until filled. Application Screening Begins: May 30, 2019

Applications and nominations are being sought for a three-year (Summer 2019 through Summer 2022) appointment of a University Ombudsperson. The vacant position is one of two ombudsperson positions at Humboldt State University. The appointment includes 4 WTU's of reassigned time each semester, and current tenured members of the University faculty are eligible to apply. The applicant should not be a member of any college-wide or University-wide personnel committee. Some summer work is expected, including summer 2019.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Under the General Supervision of the President: Provides informal mediation and conflict resolution services to students, faculty, and staff, with a primary focus on student concerns.  Confidentiality is provided to the extent permitted by applicable law.  The Ombudsperson provides impartial and informal assistance and is neither an advocate nor an apologist for any member or office of the HSU community, and  addresses only issues that are outside the scope of collective bargaining.  The two Ombudspersons collaborate and respond to issues that arise. The Ombudspersons provide an annual confidential written report to the President and a verbal report to the President's Cabinet.
  • Information Resource: Serves as an information and communication resource to the University community to resolve conflicts. Obtains information, identifies and explains issues, and helps explore options, alternatives, and outcomes. Communicates to the campus about the role of the Ombudsperson. Assesses the merit of requests and complaints; assists in the expeditious settlement of problems by establishing procedures toward resolution; and, if necessary, directs the individual to the appropriate body or officer of the University. Maintains appropriate confidential records and information about all contacts and notes related to complaint resolution efforts to ensure follow up on concerns received.
  • Mediation/Conflict Resolution: Uses conflict resolution skills to provide a venue for informally solving problems or concerns and makes recommendations for corrective or preventive action.
  • Cross-Campus Interactions: Brings issues to the attention of those with the authority to address such concerns. Works in collaboration with leaders across campus in regard to climate and civility issues; works collaboratively with campus groups.  Participates in activities, committees, and professional organizations to provide familiarity and understanding of procedures and policies of the University.
  • Trend Identification: Advises the President and other administrators of significant issues and emerging patterns that need to be addressed, and makes recommendations for change, as appropriate.

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Ability to interact and communicate effectively with individuals of varying viewpoints. Knowledge of mediation and conflict resolution methods. Ability to solve problems, evaluate complex issues, and deal sensitively with concerns. Ability to maintain neutrality and confidentiality to the extent permitted by applicable law, and ability to maintain the trust and confidence of the administration and clients while acting independently. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Knowledge of administrative policies, statutes, regulations, and procedures governing colleges and universities, in general, and Humboldt State, in particular.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

  • Tenured faculty member with additional experience that demonstrates the requisite knowledge and abilities.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of legal and policy issues at HSU and in higher education. Excellent communication and problem solving skills and abilities. Demonstrated interpersonal, mediation, and facilitation skills. Experience working with diverse groups and individuals. Demonstrated technical literacy. Willingness to complete training in dispute resolution techniques. Bilingual Spanish is a plus. 

Application Procedures:

  • A letter of interest and current curriculum vitae must be received in the Office of the President by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, May 30, 2019, TO BE GUARANTEED A REVIEW.  Applications received after the application screening date will be reviewed at the discretion of the University President. 

Ombuds/Spring 2019 Ombudsperson Announcement 5-14-19

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