Kieval Colloquium

October 1, 2019
Restricted Patterns of the Past, Present and Future

This Thursday's Mathematics Colloquium is being presented by the Kieval Lecturer, Zvezdelina Stankova of UC Berkeley.

Whether designing the new tile pattern in your family's kitchen backsplash, trying to avoid bad investment sequences, or simply counting all possible paths from your home to school that do not cross over the local river, inescapably you are venturing into the realm of restricted patterns. In this talk, we shall discuss several paths of pattern-exploration, and think about whether or not there is a "true" way of approaching pattern-avoidance equivalence and ordering among the array of generated ideas and methods. No matter what your math background is, you will find your own path between realistic visualization and abstract thinking, and perhaps, you will fall in love with one of our open problems. Of course, the more math you know, the more adventurous you may feel about attacking these open problems.

Thursday, October 3, 2019 - BSS Room 166, 4:00 PM

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