Funding Opportunity: Grants to Improve Educational System Equity

January 26, 2024

Spencer Foundation: Vision Grants

Deadlines: Intent to Apply due February 7, 2024, 12pm, CT; Full Proposal due March 7, 2024, 12pm, CT

Amount: $75,000


ABOUT: The Vision Grants program funds the collaborative planning of innovative, methodologically diverse, interdisciplinary research on education that contributes to transforming education systems for equity. Vision Grants are research planning grants to bring together a team, for 6 to 12 months, to collaboratively develop ambitious, large-scale research projects focused on transforming educational systems toward greater equity. 

This program takes as core that visionary, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research projects require time, space, and thoughtfulness to incubate and plan. Different from many of Spencer’s other programs, the proposal does not yet need to be a fully fleshed out research plan. Proposals are identifying a research topic, scope for impact, process and a team that will lead to a fully fleshed out research plan by the end of the grant period.

APPLY: For a detailed program description, please see the solicitation attached in the portal announcement, or follow the link to the Spencer Foundation’s Vision Grants Program page. 

NOTE: If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please contact our Pre-Award Specialists Pia Gabriel at, Kaz Wegmuller at, or Jocelyne Takatsuno at ASAP.

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