Fisheries Biology Seminar ~ Dec 4

December 2, 2013
You are cordially invited to attend a seminar this week by Dr. Jason Baumsteiger, UC Merced, to present his talk titled: Diversification, Speciation and Phylogeography or West Coast Freshwater Sculpin: Are there Cryptic Species in California? The talk will begin at 4 pm on Wed., Dec 4 in SciB 133.
Jason received this PhD this past summer from UC Merced and I served as a member of his dissertation committee.  Jason studied freshwater sculpin diversity in California using genetic methods, including next generation sequencing technologies.  The results of his work are really cool as he has uncovered multiple new species of sculpin in California!
There will be group dinner following the seminar at Plaza Grill for those interested.
Feel free to pass this on to others that may be interested. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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