Expert LMS Webinar: User Stories for Technical & Functional Requirements Gathering and Evaluation

November 4, 2015

At 3pm on Friday November 6, the fourth LMS expert webinar will discuss the value of user stories in assessing the compatibility between specific teaching or learning approaches and potential learning management systems.

These webinars are being presented as a part of the CSU Learning Platform Systems (CSULPS) Task Force's exploration of the current and future role for learning platforms in higher education. All stakeholders are able to participate through an open web site at, which includes blog posts, updates, and links to additional resources. The intended outcome of the process is that campuses will have a selection of pre-negotiated, cost-competitive software options available to them.

Any interested individual can ask questions, make comments and suggestions, and help shape the development of the RFP via the CSULPS site.

Webinar Overview

November 6, 3pm-4pm

User Stories for Technical and Functional Requirements Gathering and Evaluation

Presenter: Patrick Masson, General Manager & Director for the Open Source Initiative

A common approach deemed critical to LMS reviews is to create a list of features that align with an institution’s instructional and learning priorities, often through surveys, polls, etc., and then review systems using a rating matrix that compares each system against that features list. However, approaches that rely on “side of the box” functionality, checked off by review committees, or technical analysis through IT departments, are fraught with assumptions, ambiguity and subjectivity. In addition to other critical activities (communications, costs analysis, etc.), user stories provide review committees with an evidence-based approach for determining, not if a feature (or technology) is present, but rather if a specific teaching and learning (or technical) approach is possible within a proposed LMS.

While incorporating user stories requires greater commitment from all participants, their use:

  • fosters greater depth in product evaluations
  • enables the evaluation of a broader set of systems
  • ensures current and desired (teaching & learning, business, technology) practices are the focus
  • reduces bias
  • provides additional resources (e.g. training materials) once a system is selected

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