CSU Webinar: Students’ Preferred Names and Pronouns

November 19, 2019

CSU Webinar: Students’ Preferred* Names and Pronouns: Class Rosters That Promote Belonging and Inclusion

Thursday, November 21st, LIB 317


This live webcast will discuss the importance of promoting gender inclusion as a policy imperative and, more importantly, as an educational responsibility. 

*While we absolutely endorse the institutional practice of creating opportunities for people to have their lived name used in University databases whenever legally possible, we recognize that the term "preferred name" can be seen as problematically implying that trans individuals are not using their "real" names and pronouns, in addition to potentially framing their names and pronouns as easily ignorable personal "preferences" rather than their actual lived reality that deserves respect. At the end of this presentation we will create opportunities for discussing alternative language.

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