CSU Humanities & Social Sciences Deans Leadership Mentoring Program

August 28, 2013
The CSU Humanities & Social Sciences Deans are launching a leadership mentoring program. Consider nominating a faculty member(s) from your department (you are also encouraged to self-nominate). The Dean's group (our own Scott Paynton was instrumental in this) has proposed a Leadership Mentoring program to develop future academic leaders for the CSU. Each campus Dean will identify a group of those interested in academic leadership (chairing committees or departments or administration) and, over the course of the academic year, will be utilizing four real-world case studies provided by CCAS (Council of College of Arts and Sciences) as a low-risk mechanism for exposing faculty to the realities of academic leadership. The time commitment is low (approximately 5-10 hours per semester). Each group will have discussions internally, but given that each campus will be utilizing the same case studies, the Deans will coordinate and facilitate regional collaboration/discussion with leadership groups from different campuses. Commitment to this program is one academic year and is strictly voluntary.Because early exposure to leadership is essential for future academic leaders, I encourage nominations from all levels of faculty (lecturers to full professors, and tenured or untenured faculty). Also, nominations of those from groups that are underrepresented in academic leadership are encouraged. Would you kindly consider nominating someone from your department and forwarding the name(s) to Scott Paynton by Friday, September 6th? Upon receiving nominations I will select a small group for our first cohort. Depending upon the number of nominations and individual’s willingness to participate, I may not be able to accommodate all who may be interested this year.

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