Computer Science presents the 2nd Annual LumberHacks Hackathon - April 12th

April 2, 2019
Greetings Computer Scientists!

The Computer Science Club is excited to share all of the important details about the 2nd annual LumberHacks Hackathon with you today in this email; everything you need to know is right here and on our website!

The event, taking place in the Library Fishbowl (LIB 209), begins on Friday, April 12th at 5:30pm and concludes midday on Sunday. The event will open with an exciting guest speaker who works at eBay in software development. On Sunday, the top the three projects are awarded prizes.

This year's prizes are: Smart Notebooks, Electronics Repair Tool Kits, and $25 amazon gift cards. All meals as well as a complimentary t-shirt will be provided. In order to ensure that there are enough supplies for you, please make sure to register prior to the event here. Registration at the event will be accepted.

So what is a hackathon? A hackathon provides a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology. The hackathon (Hacking Marathon) is a 3 day event where students of all majors and backgrounds meet to collaboratively build their dream projects or design technological solutions to community issues.

We know this is a lot of information, so we are holding numerous Pre-Hackathon Information Sessions:

  • Aimed at 1st and 2nd year CS students:

    • General Hackathon Info/FAQ & Git(Hub) Training - Wednesday, April 3rd in BSS313 at 5:00pm: The use of GitHub will be required to track progress and attempt to prevent cheating. Come learn more about the hackathon and learn git!

  • Aimed at all CS students:

    • Main Hackathon Info Session (with free pizza!) - Wednesday, April 10th in FH163 at 5:00pm: Don't miss this one! Come learn more about the hackathon and eat some pizza. Attendees of this info session may gain an advantage by both walking into the hackathon feeling more comfortable and prepared as well as having early access to team formation and project brainstorming.

  • Aimed at non-CS students:

    • What is a Hackathon and why should I participate? - Wednesday, April 8th in LIB308 at 12:00pm

We are super excited about this event and if you have any questions at all, please check out our website and feel free to email club president Eric Mott at

We look forward to seeing all CS students on Friday, April 12th at 5:30pm in the Library Fishbowl for this event. Make sure to register.

--CS Club


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