AWEsome Business Competition is proud to present Dr. PennElys Droz, the NDN Changemaker Fellowship & Prize Director

March 8, 2020

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

5:30pm - 7:00pm

The Arcata Theater Lounge


About Dr. PennElys Droz's Talk:

Our Indigenous Nations have a powerful role in the re-creation of economies that honor the life in the Earth and relationships with our lands, waters, and each other. Dr. PennElys Droz returns to Humboldt State to share her experiences supporting this practical work in Indigenous nations and communities across our Nations. The price for admission is free to $20 sliding scale and all are welcome.

About the AWEsome Business Competition:

This is our 3rd talk and part of a series of lectures and workshops hosted by the AWEsome Business Competition - a new, local, entrepreneurship competition (with cash prizes) for ventures related to Agriculture, Water, and Energy.

The goal is to increase entrepreneurship in far northern California, especially related to Agriculture, Water, and Energy. In order to accomplish that, we are holding a competition that first starts with an outreach and awareness campaign in Spring 2020, accompanied by workshops, then the final competition in Fall 2020. We are doing it in this order so it isn't just people 'already-in-the-know' competing. Anyone can take part from idea stage up to a new existing company that has raised less than $50K total.

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