Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) Grants for Agricultural Research

October 21, 2016

Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) funds are available to tenured or tenure- track faculty engaging in agricultural research. Preliminary indications are that approximately $250,000 will be available for allocation in March 2017; this amount is subject to change depending on the budget. Proposals must be in the range of $20,000 min to $150,000 max.

ARI projects must have a strong link to agriculture, including forestry and fish aquaculture. The match requirement is 100% of the requested amount with at least 25% of this from cash and the remainder in-kind. Note that the cash match simply means that you may leverage an existing grant or contract (excluding grants supported from the CSU general fund) with funds not already committed to match associated with your ARI Proposal. As such, ARI proposals may be used to augment the activities associated with an existing grant (e.g., NSF, USDA, etc).

Projects should span a period of performance from 5/1/17- 6/30/18. All recipients of an ARI grant will be expected to submit an appropriate report of the grant activity upon completion, but no later than 90 days after completion. Individuals who are funded but neglect to submit a final report on their activities will be ineligible for future funding. Any individuals wishing to receive an extension of an existing ARI grant must submit an interim report indicating the extent to which the project has been accomplished. Recipients of ARI funding may be asked to discuss their research at an appropriate campus forum.

If you have questions regarding the ARI Grants, please contact Steve Karp at ext. 4190.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Friday, January, 20, 2017. It is anticipated that grant awards will be announced by the end of April 2017.

For assistance with completing this application please contact one of our Pre-Award Specialists: Erika Wright at (707) 826-5166 -or- Pia Gabriel at (707) 826-5203

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