21st Campus/Community Dialogue on Race Call for Proposals

September 23, 2019

21st Annual Campus/Community Dialogue on Race

November 4 - 8, 2019 

Dismantling & Deconstructing to Build

Call for Proposals!

Students, staff, faculty, and community members are invited to present a workshop or facilitate a discussion.

Deadline to submit is Thursday, Oct. 3 @ 4pm. 

Please submit through CDOR webpage!

The Campus/Community Dialogue on Race (CDOR) is an annual event at Humboldt State University that invites students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members to present and attend programs that relate to racial justice and its intersections with all forms of oppression and resistance. Our objective is to create spaces and structures for reflection, analysis, dialogue and positive strategies for change. This year's Dialogue will run from November 4 - 8, 2019.

Dr. Nazia Kazi will provide a keynote “Islamophobic Nationalism in the U.S. Racial Landscape” at 5pm on Tuesday, Nov. 5 in KBR.

Dr. John Johnson’s featured talk “MARVEL-ous Times on Campus: Race(bending), Whitewashing, and Representation” will take place at 5pm on Thursday, Nov. 7 in KBR

Dr. Asao Inoue’s featured talk “How Can a University be Anti-White Supremacist?” will be presented at 10am on Friday, Nov. 8 in KBR.

Find out more at:   http://dialogue.humboldt.edu

CDOR Planning Team

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