2/16/2024 EMSS Division Communication

February 16, 2024

EMSS Team Members:

I hope you all have had a wonderful week, and I know many have had an extremely busy week with the variety of activities and planning work underway for spring events. As your time allows, please check out some of the current highlights from our division below:

Slate CRM Update

I have provided updates over the past few months about the Enrollment Management (EM) work underway to re-implement Slate, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system we use to communicate with prospective students and manage much of our admissions activity. Eventually, it will also become the technological home for campus advising efforts, and that preparation work is also happening via a second project team.

A few important milestones have been achieved on the EM Slate project since the previous update, including:

  • Online processing and payment of enrollment deposits and deposit deferrals for qualifying students
  • An active Slate Applicant Status Page that allows students to view their admissions decision (with confetti for admits!) as well as important information and next steps/checklist items
  • The recruiting team is now processing interaction forms that allow us to track our interactions with prospective students (visits, phone calls, etc.) and establish a basis for better data collection and future projections
  • Seven active email campaigns at all stages of the enrollment funnel (prospect, inquiry, applicant, admit, deposited, etc.) with multiple emails per campaign, communicating with more than 426,000 potential students for 2024, as well as additional high school juniors and sophomores
  • Beginning with Preview and Preview Plus, we are now able to create and manage events in Slate, which allows communications, registration, and check-in, among other strategic supports.

This Slate re-implementation project page is kept up to date as the project develops, and a newly-released timeline also provides insight into key project milestones and their intended completion timeframes. If you have questions, reach out to the re-implementation team via email at slate-pm@humboldt.edu.

CSU Extends Intent to Register Deadline

In a recent release, the CSU announced that all 23 campuses, including Cal Poly Humboldt,  will extend the intent to register deadline from the traditional May 1 date to May 15. This deadline extension will support students who will receive financial aid packages much later this year than usual, because of federal FAFSA changes. Cal Poly Humboldt will likely announce an additional deadline extension once we know final timelines regarding delivery of FAFSA information to campuses and updating of the awarding systems. Our Financial Aid, Admissions, and Strategic Student Communications teams are coordinating on efforts to keep current and prospective students, and their families, informed, and to provide reassurance in this time of significant change for this process that sits at the core of affordability concerns for many students.

Group Counseling for Students

CAPS recently began promoting their spring group counseling sessions for students, ranging from informal drop-in groups focused on special topics to therapy groups and workshops available with sign-up through CAPS. Because many EMSS team members support students in their holistic wellness and development, I am sharing this link to the session topic and schedule details, to raise awareness of this important resource.

Housing Application Open

The Fall 2024 Housing application is open to explore, with submissions beginning Feb. 20 for new Freshmen, Feb. 21 for new Transfer, and Feb. 22-23 for Continuing students. The priority deadline is April 1, so encourage students to complete their application as soon as they can. It is important to note that we anticipate being able to provide campus housing to all students who want to live in one of our housing options. For more details, visit our Housing Dates & Deadlines page.

Upcoming Events

Center Arts Show, Masters of Hawaiian Music: Sunday, Feb. 25, 7pm Fulkerson Recital Hall.  

Taco Tuesday: Tuesday, Feb. 20; from 11 am to 2 pm at the J Dining Hall, dive into a fiesta of flavors as we serve up a mouthwatering selection of tacos. Whether you're a fan of classic carne asada, zesty chicken, or veggie delights, we've got something for everyone.

DIY: Mug Cakes: Thursday, Feb. 22; join us at the J Dining Hall from 11 am to 1 pm for a delightful DIY Mug Cake Demonstration! As a special bonus, you get to keep the mug as a souvenir of your sweet and memorable culinary adventure.

As always, if you have items for inclusion in this division communication, share them with me via e-mail, or with the EMSS Leadership Team member in your area.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Chrissy Holliday

Vice President, EMSS

Cal Poly Humboldt

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