CTL Offers Digital Enhanced Teaching Workshops

July 10, 2020
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Digitally Enhanced Teaching Workshops
Week of July 13th-17th

Humanizing Online Learning and Teaching
Tuesday, July 14th - 2-3p
In this live workshop, we will explore a variety of humanizing strategies and tools that support the connection between the cognitive and affective domains that are essential to learning. You will have an opportunity to engage in at least one humanizing strategy and walk away with a toolkit of ideas curated by peers in this session.
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Writing Smarter Test Questions
Wednesday, July 15th - 11-12p
This session will explore those characteristics that make learning-centered questions and use the affordances of Canvas features that can help further the learning we want to see. In the end, we want to develop test questions that move students toward mastery of content, not how well they can take a test.
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Low Bandwidth Teaching
Thursday, July 16th - 11-12p
Work with us to look at technical, and human bandwidth as you teach. This live session will include simple analysis of activities to utilize while you think through teaching well online. Useful elements include pedagogical organization to support technical opportunities for managing limited bandwidth of all kinds.
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Canvas Gradebook and SpeedGrader
Thursday, July 16th - 11-12p
Join this live workshop to learn how to configure the Gradebook to provide students up to date information on their progress in the course. Learn to organize assignments into groups, set percentage weights, add extra credit, and activate drop the lowest score. See SpeedGrader in action as you practice efficient grading workflows, providing students timely feedback.
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