Instructions for Posting Messages

The Portal Messaging center for the Faculty/Staff Portal allows you to quickly and easily present announcements to a wide variety of campus users. The messages you submit appear in blocks on the Portal screen known as pagelets. Staff and Faculty can place your pagelet on their main Portal screen so that they see your pagelet whenever they log into the Portal. The Portal Messaging Center also serves as a public archive for all messages that have been submitted. The Portal Messaging Center is an effective means to broadly communicate your important announcements.

How to Add a Pagelet to Your Home Screen

The Faculty/Staff Portal has two tabs, a Home tab and a Faculty/Staff Resources tab. The Faculty/Staff Resources tab functions like a catalog of pagelets. If a pagelet does not appear on your Home tab, you can find it on the Faculty/Staff Resources tab and add it to the Home tab.

1. Select the Faculty/Staff Resources tab on the top of the Portal screen.

fac & staff  

2. Find the pagelet that you would like to add to your home screen and select the add (+) icon.


3. Select the Home tab to return to the main Portal screen.


4. The pagelet will now be available on the main Portal screen when you log in.

To remove the pagelet from the Home tab and return it to the Faculty/Staff Resources tab, click the gear icon and choose Remove.



Getting to the Portal Messaging Center

1. Navigate to the Portal Messaging Center - - and click Log In on the top menu.


2. Click the Log In button

log in

Submitting a Standard Announcement

1. In the top menu, choose Submit an Announcement.


2. You will be presented with the Create Portal Content screen.


3. Under Headline, enter a title for your announcement.


4. Add a summary if desired.

Note: The summary text appears in the pagelet. If you do not add a summary, the first few lines of the Body will serve as the summary. Adding a summary allows you to customize the pagelet message so that it is complete and succinct.


5. Add the text you would like to appear in the body of the message.

Note: To view the body of the message, the user must select the link in the pagelet.


6. Check the box beside the pagelets that you would like the announcement to appear within. If you click three or more areas to post, you’ll be prompted to send to “All Campus”. You don’t HAVE to, but stop and think if that’s the best place for your message if it’s going to three or more areas.

Note: You will typically select your pagelet. Optionally, select other applicable pagelets to request that the announcement be added to that pagelet. Approval will be required before the message is posted in the other pagelets.

Department list

7. Upload an attachment if desired. Note: The link to this attachment will appear at the end of the message body.


8. Enter the dates you would like the message to be visible.

Note: This feature is helpful if you would like the message to appear at a future date or to automatically be removed after an event has passed. To continue to address “old” posts in the list, we are changing the default expiration date to two weeks from the post-date. You can change this as needed. We encourage you to think through when a post should disappear from myHumboldt. Setting the expiration date to be the day after the event/deadline helps keep things tidy.


9. Press the save button to save the message. Note: Once saved, approved messages will appear on the portal.


Submitting an All-Campus Announcement

Only Content Coordinators can submit all-campus announcements to Marcom. All-campus announcements are submitted via the procedure described here and not through the Portal Messaging Center. Note that Marcom does not "approve" all-campus announcements, but instead provides feedback and advice, while ensuring there aren't too many all-campus announcements being posted at once.

  1. Do not post the announcement as a message in your own division or unit pagelet
  2. Email the message to
  3. The message will be reviewed for timing and clarity
  4. Any feedback and suggestions will be provided
  5. After considering the feedback, provide a final version of the message
  6. Marcom will post the message to the all-campus pagelet

Approving Anouncements from Others

Other users can request that an announcement appear in your pagelet. If you have the Publisher role, you can approve these messages. Once the messages are approved, they will appear within your pagelet on the Portal.

1. Locate your queue from the Approval Queue drop-down menu at the top of the page (in this case, College of Professional Studies.)


2. You will see a list of announcements pending approval. Select the announcement by clicking the announcement title.


3. Place a checkmark next to your pagelet to approve the message and then select save.


How Your Announcement Looks in the Pagelet

portal view

  1. Title: the title of your pagelet. You are not able to change this.
  2. Headline: this text links to the full announcement if it doesn't fit here.
  3. Body: long announcements are truncated
  4. More: the More Announcements button takes you to the Portal Messaging Center, an archive of all announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you select to approve an announcement request in your queue, you will be in the View screen for that announcement. Choosing the Edit button allows you to edit the announcement. Note that this modifies the message on every pagelet with that announcement. Thus, it should only be used if you are the owner of the announcement.

cps announcements