CTL: Digital Enhanced Teaching Workshops

July 17, 2020
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Digitally Enhanced Teaching Workshops
Week of July 20th-24th

Writing Smarter Test Questions
Tuesday, July 21st - 2-3p
This session will explore those characteristics that make learning-centered questions and use the affordances of Canvas features that can help further the learning we want to see. In the end, we want to develop test questions that move students toward mastery of content, not how well they can take a test.
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Fostering Student Engagement in Student Instruction
Wednesday, July 22nd - 1-2p
This session will begin by exploring the meaning and variations of engagement because how we think about this concept will determine, in large part, how we approach course design and instruction. It will then outline different structural actions faculty can take to increase efficiency to maximize the time we have so we can focus on student learning.  It will end with an exploration of and practice with specific teaching technologies that solicit student engagement in different and dynamic ways.
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