Changes to Travel Policy 1/1/2018

December 11, 2017

Beginning January 1, 2018, HSU will implement two changes to the Travel Policy:


Receipts will only be required for expenses $75 or more (as opposed to $25)

Please note that the receipt requirement change is not associated with the $55 per day meal allowance. The daily allowance for meals will remain at $55 per day and is not to be treated as a per diem; the actual amounts spent should be recorded.


Expense Claim Forms will be due within 60 days upon the return of travel (as opposed to 30 days)

Business Services will still be sending out the 30 day travel reminders and encourage travelers to turn their forms in within 30 days.


The Travel website and Expense Claim Form have not been updated yet, but will be prior to the first of the year.