Spam Alert!

If you receive an email regarding a Campus Security Questionnaire that purports to be from "Campus Police", you should not open it. Instead, please report it as spam by following the Gmail instructions here UPD is not circulating any such questionnaire.

Smart Classrooms and Computer Labs Update

The big news? No more lock boxes! We've also upgraded the computers in several labs, and removed the VCRs from a number of smart classrooms. More ...

Introducing the latest ITS Campus Model SuperStar

This year's winner of the coveted Campus Model SuperStar is (drumroll please) Jenni Robinson from the Office of the Registrar. See what Jenni did to win ...

Submit ARFs by Email Starting August 19th

The new email-based ARF approval process will go into effect August 19th 2013, so you'll be able to get access approvals processed in less time AND save trees! Presentations will be held this week in SAAS and Info Exchange, so if this is relevant to you, we encourage you to attend.

Congratulations, myHumboldt Evolution 3 Team!

This latest evolution of the myHumboldt portal is the result of many months of research, experimentation, coding, and testing by all the fine people on the Evolution 3 team. We hope you will enjoy the fruits of their labors with all the exciting new features you see in your myHumboldt today.

Coming September 3: Customer Service Training

The first part of the Customer Service in Higher Education training program will be released in early September and we encourage your participation. You will receive an email announcement on September 3 from a company called SkillSoft with instructions on how to participate in the training. We invite you to show your support for our students and all our customers by joining in this important training initiative. Other activities, including online and in-person forums, where you can continue your learning and begin discussions and share ideas are also in the works.

Welcome to your ITS news update!

We'll be updating this ITS pagelet every Monday with the latest news from and about ITS activities. We'll try to make these news items relevant to as many people as possible across campus: