Geology Colloquium - Nov 20

As part of International Education Week & the Geology Colloquium, please join us on Nov 20th at 2 pm in the Kate Buchanan Room (KBR) with Dr. Laurie Dengler, HSU Geology Department, presenting her talk titled:

Takata High School's Boat -

Tsunami Connections Between Northern California and Japan

Please review the attached flier for additional information. This event is free and open to everyone!

Wildlife EcoSeries Seminar - Nov 14

Please join us for Ecology Series this Thursday, November 14th 4-5 pm in WFB 258 and welcome Scott Osborn, who will be presenting,

"CDFW's Nongame Wildlife Program: case studies in the application of

science to wildlife conservation issues."

See you then!


Mathematics Colloquium ~

Please join us for the weekly Mathematics Colloquium:

"The Maxwell Relations:The Mathematical Code of the Thermodynamic Universe" with Chris Harmon, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Humboldt State University.

Thursday, Nov 7, 2013, 4 pm, SciB133

All Colleges Social Mixer-Thursday, Nov 7 from 5:00-7:00

Come socialize with your colleagues from across campus at Robert Goodman Winery. AHSS sponsors the November social, providing beer & wine and snacks.

Wildlife EcoSeries Seminar

Please join us for Ecology Series this Thursday, November 7th 4-5 pm in WFB 258 and welcome Dave Moskowitz, who will be presenting, "Contemporary non-invasive survey methods for carnivores."

Hope to see you there!

Biological Sciences Lecture Series

All are welcome to this week's seminar speaker, Dr. Mihai Tomescu, Biological Sciences Dept., HSU, present, "The evolution of roots –current state of the art".  “Roots are the unsung heroes of plant success on land”.

Friday - November 8, 2013
4:00 PM
SciB 135

Reminder! Lab & Smart Classroom Software Requests due 11/15

If you need a specific application for a Lab or Smart Classroom class in the Spring 2014 semester, you MUST get your request in to ITS by November 15th. This includes any software you need to have available through VLab. More information and the software request form can be found on the ITS website at

CAHSS November Showcase Month

Attached is a list of CAHSS events during the CAHSS centennial showcase month.

Speaker Series: Ted Bilek on Forest Products Economics

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is our pleasure to welcome Ted Bilek of the US Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory as the next speaker in the Sustainable Futures speaker series. Ted will speak on Thurs, Nov 7 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in Gist Hall room 218 (GH218) on the HSU campus. The title of his talk is “An Outlook for Forest Products and Timber Markets: 2012-2030.”