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HSU Professional Development Newsletter - July 2020

This month inside HSU Professional Development Newsletter

  • This Summer is perfect to enjoy some sun, try new recepies, listen to good music, reminisce about the time that we were able to go out with no face masks, and of course, learn new things.

    HSU offers a lot of options to learn new skills and participate in creative and fun classes.

CSU Learn - Performance Evaluations Bundle

The Chancellor's Office has published a brand new CSU Learn bundle on Performance Evaluations in time for the annual reviews.

In this bundle you will find resources for:

CSU's Got Talent Webcast Training - Leveraging Positivity - 5/28 @ 10 AM

There are moments in ordinary days we dread: moments of difficulty, confrontation and unwelcome change. In this moment of Covid-19, with it's extraordinary pressures and upheavals, this remains true. We still must acknowledge when our colleagues or family are behaving badly, or when we have let others down, and work toward change. And we continue to be presented with the opportunity that has always been available to humanity throughout time: the chance to become our better selves.

CSU's Got Talent Webcast - Thriving in the New Normal - 5/15/2020 @ 10 AM

“Thriving in the New Normal - The Keys to being unstoppable now and for the challenges ahead" May 15 from 10:00 - 11:00 AM PT

Presented by Shola Richards, author of Go Together and Making Work Work

Welcome to ideaFest 2020!

We are all excited for the opportunity to support the dissemination of research & creative works at Humboldt State University through a virtual symposium this year! We have many activities planned this week for students, staff, and faculty to participate in the celebration. Welcome to ideaFest 2020!


Full Schedule of Events for ideaFest Week:


Monday May 4, 2020

CSU's Got Talent Webcast Training - Can You Hear Me? - March 25 @ 10:00 AM

If we are all so connected, why do we feel so alone? Employees are more disengaged than ever – up to 80% of workers in a worldwide survey. We are drowning in email, text messages, and slack threads. And we spend too much time on audio conferences on mute – trying to catch up on those written communications.

HR Training Workshops to Be Rescheduled

In light of the current HSU directive to minimize in-person gatherings, the HR Training team is rescheduling or cancelling all workshops through April 17, as listed below.  To ensure you have access to the training you need, we are providing some alternatives to many of these courses.  

Professional Development Opportunities For Mar 2 - 13

The Human Resources Department brings to you the following Professional Development opportunities: